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Acts of RioTel Kindness 2013 – Individual Giving Program “Pay It Forward”

RioTel Employees Help Others in Need through A.R.K. Individual Giving Program

Houston, Texas, December 30, 2013:   RioTel helped the holidays shine brighter for others less fortunate through their Acts of RioTel Kindness (A.R.K.) program.  Initially launched during the holiday season of 2011, RioTel’s annual A.R.K. program includes two types of giving, individual and group.  The individual giving program provides a cash donation to RioTel employees and contractors with a “pay it forward” message so they can bless others with their gift.  The group giving program involves a gift to a company selected family, group, or organization in need.

The individual giving program was kicked off at the company’s Christmas party held at the Asian City Restaurant in Humble on December 6, 2013.  RioTel’s President, Karin Williams, expressed her appreciation to employees for all of their hard work during the year and restated the company’s mission and the spirit behind the A.R.K. program:  to share the company’s success with others less fortunate.   Williams handed out cash bonuses with instructions to “Pay it Forward” to someone in need.

Since the party, employees have posted their stories on the company’s blog about where their gifts went.  Williams shared, “The stories are really touching and always reinforce why I love this program.”  According to the blog, two employees had family or friends who lost their homes in fires and their A.R.K. contributions went to help them recover.  Other employees helped families around them with large medical expenses, while others had charities or churches that were important to them that they blessed.  Williams stated, “Our employees have such big hearts.”

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