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Your RIO team will keep your projects on track.

RioTel offers turnkey and/or on-site services to manage your telecom provisioning needs along with additional engineering support services to ease your workload in whatever way works best with your organization, within a specific project or long-term.

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Network Provisioning

From processing and managing initial requests for telecom services, through all critical phases of the installation of these services on your network, RioTel is there to coordinate each step. We work across your organization to ensure efficient and timely service delivery with your telecom vendors – always maintaining a guaranteed Service Level Agreement.

You choose which portions of the process you wish to retain, or allow RioTel to manage the entire process. We work with your Engineering and Network Operations teams to coordinate all phases of the service delivery process.

Turnkey Solutions

Our wide range of turnkey transport engineering and technical solutions allows RioTel clients to outsource critical business processes with confidence.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing

RioTel takes the responsibility of hiring and other overhead costs required to support additional staff as your business grows or the schedule must be escalated. All staffing issues are transparent to the client at all times.
We provide a guaranteed level of service under a mutually-agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) allowing you to focus your energy and resources on other areas of the business – confident of the precise service level.
Fixed Costs
All costs are defined, allowing you to more effectively align costs with growth and decreasing your risk. RioTel assumes the risk by providing you a fixed cost per unit and a Service Level Agreement for delivery.
Comprehensive Solution
Our total solution encompasses all elements of the service delivery process – circuit design, work order creation and management, order placement, project management through installation – with maximum visibility.


Provisioning & Engineering

We are experts at managing the telecom network delivery process.
Key activities include:

  • Circuit design/facility assignment, using client specific engineering guidelines, prior to order placement.
  • Coordination of site requirements including power, conduit, and equipment to ensure a smooth installation.
  • Initial order placement with your network vendors for a variety of telecom services from DSO to OC-n and IP services.
  • Receipt and verification of order confirmation and associated design information with your network vendor.
  • Critical data hand-off to client Operations teams for well coordinated test and acceptance process.
  • SLAs for delivery milestones including order placement, database/inventory updates, and on-time delivery.
  • Vendor management to facilitate on-time delivery. Reporting on vendor performance and service metrics.
  • Customized reporting to provide status and metrics in a variety of formats.
Additional RioTel Services
  • Network Planning/Design
  • Network Cost Optimization
  • Telco Project Management
  • Network Audits and Reconciliations (cost, facilities or equipment)
  • Number Administration
  • Other Technical Services
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