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Acts of RioTel Kindness

RioTel Inaugurates A. R. K. in Time for the Holidays

Houston, Texas, December 16, 2011: In answer to a real need to do “something of substance” to help people less fortunate during the holiday season, RioTel has a new initiative, Acts of RioTel Kindness (A.R.K.). The program allows RioTel to help their employees act on their generous impulses by providing them with the cash to do so more easily.

According to RioTel President, Karin Williams; “Everyone wants to do something to help and bring a smile to someone who needs it during the holidays, but sometimes employees are feeling the pinch of holiday expenses, which makes it more difficult to act. So we decided we could help by giving each employee an extra bonus, and a request that they “pay it forward” to help someone in need. They get to reach out in a meaningful way and know that they are really able to make a difference. The recipients get that little extra boost that can really make a difference in their lives and touch them in a special way during this season of giving.”

The A.R.K. program was a great success with employees who were pleasantly surprised with their new “project” but delighted to pick their lucky recipients. They came back to work sharing very touching stories of meaningful encounters on the company’s blog.

According to RioTel HR Manager, Erin Osbourne; ” RioTel employees made this Christmas merrier with Acts of RioTel Kindness – the stories were amazing. From donating to the local food bank to helping friends or family members struggling with health or financial concerns, to donating to a complete stranger whose story touched them. We are so happy with the results and plan to grow our contributions to A.R.K. as our company grows and prospers.”


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