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Happy Belated New Year – 2015!

We are off with a bang in 2015 and full of energy and enthusiasm for the year. We had an awesome year in 2014, and are keeping our momentum going. We continue to grow our client base and partnerships in the telecom space, and despite the recent slump in oil prices, there is plenty of opportunity in the oil & gas industry as they advance the digital oilfield more and more every day. Of course telecom cost-savings are important right now and that is one of RioTel’s specialties.

RioTel doesn’t sell telecom services. Instead we are consultants who spend hours daily looking at network records, databases, maps, and other cool optimization tools to evaluate and recommend cost savings initiatives for our clients. Savings come from a variety of initiatives including bill audits, contract negotiation (or renegotiation), optimization of the telecom network, or even routing issues that send calls over inefficient or more expensive routes in the network. We do the messy work that you don’t want to—-all those details….we love details and research!

To all you techies like me…I’m fresh off of attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show for those non-techies) in Las Vegas. Check out my Twitter feed @RioTelTweets for some pics of some of the coolest things I found, but there is never enough time to see it all at this show. My favorite was Eureka Park at The Sands. Why? Because that is where all the startups are! Startups are a culture all their own. They are the most enthusiastic of all business people and so I found myself asking them questions like….so who is your target customer? When were you founded? Are you raising money? How much? Like who cares, right? I do! In February, I get the privilege of judging the semi-finals for the Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition (TVLIC) at The University of Texas at Austin. I am excited to see what the latest MSTC class is doing with technology commercialization and hope to offer some input from someone who’s been in the trenches for 16 years now. That’s right….Happy Birthday RioTel….born 1999. I’m an old hat at this now. But I look forward to seeing the pitches and asking questions to help them further their opportunities. Who knows what the next hot startup will be.

Cheers to another wonderful year,