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Acts of RioTel Kindness – ARK 2016

RioTel Expands ARK Program with “ARK Serve” and “ARK Hire”

Spring, Texas, June 10, 2016:  RioTel is expanding their Acts of RioTel Kindness (ARK) Holiday giving program to make a year-round impact with 2 new programs. The ARK Holiday Program, established in 2011, supports their employees’ generous impulses to help others during the holiday season by providing them with the cash to do so more easily. ARK Holiday is a “pay-it-forward” style bonus giving program for employees. RioTel also makes several group donations to selected charities that are nominated and chosen by the employees in December each year. According to RioTel President, Karin Williams, “We have enjoyed the ARK program so much during the holidays, but after 5 years, we felt there was more that could be done beyond financial assistance to help charities in our communities. I wanted to look for ways to make an impact that would last longer than the holiday season.” So Williams put on her problem-solving business hat and rolled out 2 additional programs for 2016: ARK Serve and ARK Hire.

ARK Serve is a new benefit for RioTel employees that designates paid service days for employees to support local charities with acts of service, or what they like to call Acts of RioTel Kindness, or ARK. Michele Ramirez, RioTel’s People and Program Manager, coordinates with charities and employees for specific service opportunities, and stated, “We are building relationships with charities in our communities whose mission is to help people in crisis. We coordinate teams to assist them with whatever they need each quarter. It is a nice break to get out of the office, while helping those in need. We practice servant leadership and we are excited about how this program supports that vision.” RioTel’s first service day is scheduled for June, at a homeless shelter for women and children.

ARK Hire is a community partnership that connects philanthropic-minded small businesses with charities who are helping people in crisis, many who are in need of employment to help them through a tough transition. As Williams stated, “There are many wonderful charities helping people in crisis with counseling, food, housing, child care, and job-related skills training and assistance. My goal was simply to make the connections to the small business community in the Houston area who can provide jobs in flexible and supportive work environments to help give them a ‘hand-up’ to employment.” Williams stated that she first searched for a program like this to participate in, but when she came up empty-handed, she decided to create one, so ARK Hire was born. As an entrepreneur, she is also evaluating building specific businesses, whose focus is to fund these charities, while providing employment opportunities for those who are joining or returning to the work force after an extended absence. She hopes to see the program expand to other cities after learning from the Houston pilot program.

For more information on ARK Serve contact:
Michele Ramirez,
People and Program Manager
281-485-8666 ext. 113

For more information on ARK Hire contact:
Karin Williams,
President and CEO
281-485-8666 ext. 103